Friday, July 25, 2008

family Night

Today we went to a circus at the Honda Center. When we got there they told us that we could go down and watch them do there acts before the show started. I was a little nervous when I saw the clowns and I stayed away from them. wen the show was about to begin we went to our sweet. When we got there it was very nice. we had pizza and desert drinks Candy and cookies.

When the show started it was really funny. some parts was scary but exiting there were people flipping and singing and jumping and telling jokes. It was fun and was perfect for the summer. when we first came I wanted it to be finished and then we would go home, but during intermission I wanted the show to go on.

After intermission they showed the penguins come out and do there Little act then the tigers came! it was so scary when a tiger growled at the man I thought that the tiger was going to give eat his head off! Part of the time I couldn't even understand the guy who was talking. It sounded like he was speaking German or french, like yelling out commands to the tigers.

About three hours later the show was finished I was sad I didn't want it to be over, because I knew I would have to Waite a hole year for them to come back.

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