Monday, July 7, 2008

The Strange Day

A few days ago It was last Saturday I think. I was with my grandma and we just got out of Staples and we saw this man with a little girl and they were selling bracelets and you could tell they were poor. The man asked if we would like to buy a bracelet, my grandma checked her bag but she didn't have any cash with her so we walked baked to the car and she checked the change box and there was over two dollars so she had me walk over there to give the man the change. She told me not to take a bracelet, and to watch for cars.

I walked over there just fine when I gave the man the change he started crying, and the little girl said god bless you. When I heard her say that I started walking across the street.There was a big pillar on the side of me and I did not hear anything. So I started to walk across the street. I looked to my left and I saw this big humongous truck and I just stood there looking at it. The guy in the car swerved his car out of the way just in time. Really he could have done it a little quicker because I actually felt the wind from his car blow on me.

Once that was over I turned to see the man but he was gone. I walked back to the car were my grandma was almost crying over me. Then I asked her where the man and girl went. I told her if he went around the corner he should be a marathon runner, and if he was to walk down the other way I would have saw him.

so we went back home not telling anybody what happened about my almost dying but we did tell them about the man. we got a bag with water and 50$ in cash and we drove off to find them again but we looked all over the place but we didn't find them. So we went back home. I told my grandma I had enough of shopping.

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